Meet a Boston area product photographer with the right skills and rate.

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Adrian Lauterstein is a Boston area product photographer who focuses on tabletop photography.

His lengthy history as a production artist and designer helps him create photo setups that work well on electronic devices as well as in print media.

Additionally, we offer: 

Web site design
Direct email
Brochure design
Print advertising
Business identity, complete logo systems
Basic search engine optimization

Whether you are the CEO of a small to mid sized company, a Marketing Director, an Art Buyer or Art Director, as you browse through our product photos it will become very apparent that this is high quality work. What is not immediately obvious is that great images of your products can be quite affordable. Why market with second rate visuals when you can have the best at a fair price? After all, ad space still costs money, even if the ad isn't that effective, in a world with an ever shorter attention span. Some people have made the argument that quality no longer matters to a mobile majority internet audience. However, phone displays continue to improve.

Maybe your old web site was done prior to mobile media standards and you need a responsive web site that does not require a separate mobile version. We can do that quickly and effectively. Perhaps you have run into the limitations of using pre-canned templates for your site. We design sites without templates that can be modified easily using industry standard software.