Web Design

Since building his first web site, in 1993, Adrian Lauterstein has recognized the value of the internet, as a way to sell products and services directly—and indirectly—and to have a brochure or catalog that could easily change. Since that time, we have seen the arrival of search engines, social media, and mobile devices. Mobile devices present quite a challenge. Making sites that automatically collapse in for smaller screens does not always work well. Making separate mobile sites presents the challenge of working on two different sites. Here at Lauterstein, we have begun to use a new tool that allows responsive design in each page that adjusts for computers, tablets, and phones. Remember that SEO, light copywriting, and product photography are all available to your business at this studio, just North of Boston, MA.

web id-bookkeeper

Click image to visit ID Bookkeeper site.

ID Bookkeeper helps Interior Design firms get their financial systems set up right.

web machine-tech-site

Click image to visit the Machine Technology site.

Machine Technology is a machine shop that does important, precision work.

web hershey-frame

Click image to visit the Hershey Frame Shop site.

The Hershey Frame Shop provides museum grade framing for artists, collectors, and 

web der-tex-site

Click image to visit the DER-TEX site.

DER-TEX manufactures foam that goes into a wide range of products. From athletic padding, to yoga matts, to footwear. The odds are that at some point you have worn or used something with Der-Tex in it.