Work with a product photographer who is also skilled in print and web design.

From a very early age, Adrian Lauterstein showed an interest in both photography and writing. At the age of 13, he built his first black and white dark room. As a young man in college, he lacked a certain amount of direction, a situation which changed when he picked up a copy of Print magazine in the school library. There was a career called graphic design, which seemed so appealing. Here he could utilize both his analytical problem solving skills as well as his fertile imagination.

This led to a move to New York City and a job in a large SoHo clothing store's art department. From there, Adrian moved back to Rockport Massachusetts and did a stint in software technical support, then years as a designer and typesetter in a printing company’s basement, more time in a small marketing company in Newburyport, and finally the in-house marketing department of a database company.

After all that, the designer had little to show for his efforts, in his wallet or his portfolio, and decided to go freelance. Living in Boston, he worked for Digitas and Pioneer Investments on a regular basis, later back on the North Shore he spent some time at Mullen. Sometimes it was interesting. Mostly it was just production work. However, at least it all paid a decent hourly rate.

In 2003 the Graphic Designer completed his Rockport, MA studio and apartment, which features one of the most spectacular views of Rockport and the ocean. Much of the interior shows his direct involvement. Today, Adrian works hard for his own base of clients as he will for you too, in the challenging times ahead.

In 2010, the artist decided to convert a spare room into a photo studio, after purchasing a simple lighting kit. In 2014 the lighting and cameras were upgraded and the decision was made to transition away from just design and towards world class commercial photography for both financial and creative reasons...

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”Adrian has worked with me to enhance and maintain my professional websites - and He has also assisted me in print and digital advertising for two clients - and and a non-profit, The common theme in working with Adrian is his interest in making improvements, keeping things clean and accessible to the reader, and responding in a timely manner. He uses his creative talents appropriately as required by the situation - applying moderation where needed in tight budget situations. He is flexible and responsive.“
Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco Business Advisor”

When Lauterstein Graphic Design builds a website, the studio understands the great detail it takes to make it function as a marketing tool. Lauterstein works with you one on one, organizing the photos and text that will draw in new clientele. He built an effective web site for the Hershey Frame Shop. It looks professional, and it works for my company’s needs.“
Caleb Rulli-Hershey Frame Shop