Business Identity

Logo design can be very challenging. Success requires both visual and interpersonal skills.

Steve Jobs, of Apple Computer once paid the legendary graphic designer Paul Rand $100,000 for the logo design for NeXT Computer. Next was an educational computer company that did not get too far, but today the UNIX operating system that ran it lives on inside every Mac running any flavor of OS X. NeXT by sold to Apple for $429 million in 1996. On top of that, Jobs got back his job as Apple's CEO. At Lauterstein we keep things more within budget, but shoot for the same stellar results.

logos id-bookkeeper

ID Bookkeeper logo design, mostly for web use

ID Bookkeeper assists Interior Designers with their accounting software and they needed both a complete web design, which you can see over in our web design section and a logo, which as you can see is strong and simple.

logo luxx-cosmetics

Logo for an online cosmetics brand

If online makeup seems like an oxymoron, that is because it really is. Women want to try makeup before they buy it. That’s up there with perfume. Adrian worked on the site design for this company as well as the clean, modern looking logo. They seem to have vanished sometime around January of 2016. No vanishing cream was involved.

logo young-american

Logo for Young American clothing line

This logo is one of the oldest in the collection of designs. It is also a great brand. Adrian actually contacted the party he designed it for to see about using it himself, but these days wearing a t-shirt with ”American" on the front, especially abroad, might make you a target, literally.

logo energeasy

Logo for a green jobs listing site

Energeasy was supposed to be a jobs portal that would connect peoplel who wanted to work in renewable energy with companies seeking employees. Like so many other green companies, it came and it went.

logo roomba-bar

Roomba Bar and Grill logo for web and print

This logo was designed for a former Gloucester Restauranter who opened up a bar and grill within a hotel near Orlando Florida. From what we can tell, the place has another name now, but this is a nice design. It was found it in the archives when Adrian was redoing this site. It certainly pops out.

logo ratio

Product brand for cast house numbers

This manufacturer had a good idea. 3D metal house numbers on a metal box background that could be seen at a distance. Unfortunately, the product arrived just as the housing bubble burst. Of course, when Adrian designed the simple logo with the circle, he had no idea about bubbles, except in his beer.

logo safepik

Brand for a portable warehouse elevator product

A Massachusetts manufacturer had made a product to make picking boxes from high shelves in warehouses easer and safer for workers, as well as the merchandise they were moving. Of course, it was immediately copied by the Chinese.

logo brass-compass

Logo for a charter cruise company on Cape Ann

This design was for a young couple that ran a charter company with their sailing yacht out of Gloucester, MA. The classic typeface that Adrian chose complimented the nice geometry of the compass symbol and the blue/gold color scheme.